Image Information

All images have a file name that appears in the following format: IMG_(number) / Sail # (if known) / boat name (if known) or class OR IMG_(number) / image description.

When ordering, please use image file names as this helps me to locate the image in my image library and process your order faster.

All images on this website are low resolution optimised for web viewing.

Digital images supplied upon purchase are high resolution 300dpi. The size of image files varies, but individual file size will not exceed 5MB. These file sizes enable reproduction of prints up to 15" x 10" or 14" x 11".

All images on this website are protected against illegal right click copying - so don't bother trying - and are displayed in good faith. Please do the right thing and don't steal my images (this includes snipping and screen dumps!). Image thieves will be pursued.

The photographer owns copyright on all images, regardless of their use after purchase.

My digital images are reasonably priced. I could charge more, but your business is important.

All reproductions (prints, canvas prints, etc) supplied are quality products produced by professional labs and image printers. If you're not happy with your purchase, please let me know. I can't fix the problem if I don't know it exists.

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