Conditions of Use

Commercial use of images by clubs and class associations for media articles, advertising and promotion, social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and business web use requires copyright approval, authorisation and accreditation.

Personal use of images by individuals for social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and private web use requires accreditation.

Unauthorised use of all images on this website breaches copyright regulations. I cannot prevent snipping and screenshotting of images on my website so I am relying on visitors to this site to DO THE RIGHT THING. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY IMAGES. 

Contact Sailing Shotz Photography for copyright approval and authorisation for commercial use.

1.    Copyright

All images appearing on the website are © Sailing Shotz Photography.

When you purchase images from this website, you do not acquire copyright. Copyright remains with the photographer after purchase. Copyright cannot be bought or sold and is not transferrable.

2.    Conditions of Use

Payment via the Paypal portal or of any issued invoice or supply by other agreement means you accept and will abide by the following conditions.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing images for personal, commercial or media use, the following conditions apply:

2.1    Personal Use

2.1a    Upon purchasing an image/s you may:

  1. make prints for your own personal use
  2. display images on your personal computer/s and mobile devices
  3. post to personal websites/blogs on the proviso that accreditation appears with the image/s. Such accreditation must include the words "© Image by Julie Hartwig/Sailing Shotz Photography" 
  4. share on social media on the proviso that accreditation appears with the image/s. Such accreditation must include the words "© Image by Julie Hartwig/Sailing Shotz Photography"
  5. submit to print media publications such as community magazines and newspapers to accompany articles about your activity. All images published as such must include accreditation with the wording "Image by Sailing Shotz Photography"

2.1b    You may not:

  1. alter the supplied image/s in any way
  2. resell images or share electronically other than by the means listed above
  3. use images for promotional and advertising purposes without prior permission
  4. make images available for download from your personal website/blog
  5. remove the watermark (if embedded) on any images posted and/or shared on social media

2.2      Commercial/Media Use

2.2a    Upon purchasing an image/s You may:

  • publish image/s in print publications provided the use is defined and agreed upon with the photographer prior to purchase or supply. Such use definitions include:
  1. media type: printed in book, magazine, newspaper or digitally published on the web
  2. publishing location: local community, regional, national, international
  3. image use: promotion, advertising, display, illustration, etc
  4. usage: number of copies and circulation of printed publications, length of time of display on web pages
  5. image size: resolution, pixel dimensions or actual image size

You may display images on your business website/social media page provided the use meets the criteria listed in 2.2b below. Accreditation must appear with the image/s and must include the words "© Image/s by Sailing Shotz Photography"

            2.2b    You may NOT:

            1. resell or redistribute images
            2. use in an illegal, libellous or defamatory manner
            3. incorporate images in business logos or trademarks
            4. make images available for download from business websites
            5. alter images in any way. Images are supplied as per the user definitions listed above. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide full details of image requirements to enable supply of images suitable for their intended use
            6. remove the watermark (where included) on any images for web and/or social media use.

            2.3      Use by "not for profit" Clubs and Class Associations

            As a goodwill gesture for the "not for profit" Clubs and Class Associations that I collaborate with, I offer a "Media Pack" of up to 5 images FREE OF CHARGE. Additional images may be provided by agreement. 

            The value of this Media Pack at "Personal Use" rates is $65 and at Commercial Use rates, $225.

            Conditions of use for any images provided in a Media Pack are as per the Commercial/Media Use conditions outlined in 2.2, and permissions granted apply only to the images provided with that single Media

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